Communicating and writing with purpose, clarity, and precision in every facet of life is a difficult task to say the least. Why does something as fundamental as communication often become so incognizant and disorienting? This blog will provide you with direction to develop the tools, skills, and abilities necessary to communicate effectively across platforms. There are several reasons for this communicative phenomenon; however, the inclusive answer is humans fail to communicate from the other perspective and level of understanding, maintaining awareness of the others’ thoughts and feelings. Society is comprised of communication codes, social conducts, and socialization processes which create a systematic construct of why and how we communicate. While technology, science, and digital media is producing a connectivity amongst humankind that is advancing communicative abilities and expanding knowledge; it still doesn’t eradicate the invisible barriers.

The invisible barriers within the constructs of communications are dimensions which are not yet achieved through our basic understanding and execution of communication. The implied meanings, the assumptive ideas, the interpretive perceptions do not suffice for the multi-dimensional and layering of communication modelling. Within communications modeling and theory, many theories focus on what is presently known to us; however, I propose a new level of communicating – with complete knowledge and understanding. This can be achieved through the inner workings of sharing knowledge, dispersing power, and the dissemination of information. Join me in my journey through the constructs of communication and allow the power of interconnectedness to emerge amongst humankind.



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