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We Remembered Your Birthday, Now Buy From Us!

My June birthday was an exciting one highlighted by good company, deliciously prepared food, fantastic presents, and glorious Pacific Northwest weather. To my surprise, I also received many birthday greetings via email and post. Not from friends or family, but from businesses I’ve either registered with or visited in the last 2 years. I can recall receiving 1-2 birthday notices from businesses in the past, but this year, I had 9 businesses wish me a very happy birthday. A post card with a 10% birthday discount at my local naturopathic clinic was my favorite.

In a data driven world, this emergent marketing strategy helps businesses connect with their consumers and/or customers. Remembering a client’s birthday (even if it is technologically automated), produces feelings of gratitude and shifts the business to a position of prominence. This realization resulted in contemplating how a business can strategically increase their customer satisfaction through organic marketing efforts. Often times, mass emails, obvious automated messages, and over-the-top communicative expressions don’t connect with the customer in an effective way.

Most people are fully capable in detecting whether or not a person is, what I coined, authentically certified. It’s unfortunate that some businesses/institutions I’ve walked into have viewed me as a breathing, monetary additive. Don’t get me wrong, I understand every business operates by some sort of revenue/monetary model – that’s expected. However, the customer doesn’t need to blatantly be treated as a contributory asset to the businesses’ financial model. So how does a business proceed in this matter?

As a business owner, ask yourself one question when developing a marketing strategy, campaign, or tool: Would YOU want to be communicated to in this way?

Our external perceptions are often reflective of our own expectations. When a business owner consistently asks this question in regards to the company’s marketing approach, the probability of successfully connecting with your client and/or customer increases. Humanity is more analogous in these social matters than we come to believe.

How has your business managed customer loyalty, satisfaction, and connectivity? Knowledge is power – share below!



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