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When You Don’t Have to Sell Yourself

One of the services OrganiCommunications provides is social media management to businesses and organizations of all size. With the emergence of social media platforms, many businesses feel as though they are treading on foreign territory. They know their business needs it, but they’re hesitant about social media’s ability to generate income. The main question I encounter regarding social media: Is it really worth it? My answer is – Yes. However, I explain to them that it’s important to develop a strategic marketing/communication plan before investing in social media, whilst realizing social media amplifies existing activities in the community with clients or internally.

Questions for clients to consider:

  • Who are your target customer/s?
  • How broad is your reach?
  • What are your business goals when utilizing social media networks?
  • How much are you willing to invest? (Time, financial, mental investment)
  • Is there current marketing/PR activities in place?

Many smaller businesses tread carefully on digital media platforms because they’re unsure of what their goals are in relation to social media, fearing a possible negative impact. Others want to be convinced that it actually works. When I launched OrganiCommunications, I thought I had to convince potential clientele to invest in social media for their business, but I soon realized it’s not my job to sell social media. As social media is only one of the services OrganiCommunications provides, I came to the definite realization that I don’t need to sell the platforms and technologies I am using for the advancement of my business. Perhaps many of you provide social media, marketing, or writing services that utilize existing platforms and technologies, and have encountered similar issues with customers. My solution to this recurring problem was to shift my brand strategy.

Whilst I fully understand the struggle between small business owners and emergent digital media platforms, I did not want to spend my time selling social media.

Here are some solutions I found beneficial:

  • Describe your specific services in relation to social media, not social media in general
  • Explain the benefits of social media, i.e. give examples of your successes, research/studies around social media, testimonials, etc.
  • Kindly explain that it is not your job to sell social media but to provide its benefits and develop a strategic communication plan unique to each business.
  • Consult them on what their goals are in using social media and assist them in their proposed strategy.
  • Clarify that social media is a tool that increases the availability of content. As with any content, there is risk; yet the benefits of social media outweighs the risk substantially.

Often times we forget that it is not our duty to sell the products/services we promote. Our purpose is to market our services/products in order to help other businesses succeed in their ventures. If you have any other tips or suggestions in relation to this area, please share below in the comment section!

We look forward to your thoughts and SHARE if you’ve found this post useful!



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