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Distinguish Yourself From Marketing Celebrities

Celebrity figures are not exclusively designated to the entertainment world. In fact, celebrities can be religious, political, or economic. Some examples include: the Pope, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Sara Palin. In this post, we’re going to discuss the celebrity figure in the marketing realm. The marketing celebrity figure is typically associated with ‘get-rich-quick’ programs that promise to triple your income or make you rich if you follow these easy steps. Of course, you must financially invest in becoming rich (a fairly dichotomous concept). Usually a few thousands of dollars.
One marketing celebrity I’d like to bring into the spotlight is Marie Forleo. Perhaps some of you have heard of her. Apparently I was hiding under a rock as I never heard of her until someone mentioned Marie’s B-School program. Essentially, it’s a program that teaches you how to have an impactful and economical online presence. If you watch her videos on her website, her marketing strategy focuses on how she was able to make a fortune from ‘nothing’ and how she not only believes in becoming rich but making an impact on the world. However, I’m not certain what she actually means by making an impact on the world as this is a vague statement most businesses use, but often don’t go into detail on its active implication. She also uses her fluctuating, squeaky New Jersey accent in order to appear down-to-earth and humble. Her target customers are primarily women who she promises to teach how to communicate more effectively, grow their online business, and increase their confidence. She also claims, “Women are wired to succeed online.” Interesting – not sure where the research paper on that is.
The 8 week program costs $2000 to attend. Yes, $2000 but there is a refund after 30 days if you can prove you’ve kept up on your homework. As a bonus, she’ll also coach every woman how to speak in a hip New Jersey accent (humor makes the world twirl). It gets better, Marie is also the author of Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself!
Based on the title of this book, I’m certain you can guess who her target audience actually is. Women who lack self-confidence and direction in life. Plain and simple. Now, you may ask, what’s so horrible about targeting women who need assistance in gaining self-confidence and equipping them with the right tools to make millions of dollars? Allow me to explain. These marketing celebrities create a brand identity that communicates they hold some sort of secret, but it’s really something you can do on your own!
What do I mean? Everything Ms. Hot and Rich can teach you for $2000 dollars, you can learn yourself for FREE to $100 max. No, it’s not a scam and no I don’t want your money. There are hundreds of extremely helpful resources such as Social Media Examiner, HubSpot, Social Media Today, Market Guide Tips, Mashable, Inc., Audible.com (get some audiobooks on business success, and in 8 weeks you’ll be beyond Marie and her group of merry-women) and so many more! There are FREE templates, informational downloads, consultations for small-medium sized businesses in your city. Check your chamber of commerce for events and networking opportunities along with meetup.com. Join LinkedIn groups in your industry and receive instant digital networking opportunities. Sign up for Google alerts on the topics of interest and connect with any of your mentors on social platforms like Twitter. There are so many resources and networking opportunities to tap into. Marie Forleo or any other marketing celebrity will NOT provide you with easy steps to build a multi-million dollar empire. The only thing she does is hold you accountable to doing the work with her assigned tasks. What she will do is give you the confidence by preaching consistency, diligent work, clarity, and communication. Spend your money wisely. There are no shortcuts to becoming successful, but you can find a path that leverages your brand identity and business through research, development, and networking. Stay strong, don’t give in to seemingly dashing celebrity figures.
Find your own inner power through building your OWN empire. The tools are literally at your fingertips.
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