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How to Keep the Intelligent Interested

Intelligence is a broad, overarching concept in today’s society, so what does it truly entail in relation to holding the clever individual’s attention? Intelligence can be defined in various ways based on interpretative analysis, societal values, economic status, and/or communication techniques. How people view and interpret intelligence consists of an expansive, comprehensive list to say the least.

intelligent content

As a freelance marketer, I often have to conduct content analysis on content creation and content curation. Generating content requires an extensive process that can be time-consuming whether you’re a copywriter, author, publisher, social media specialist, communications strategist, and so on.

It requires you:

  • To know your target audience
  • To understand your field/discipline/subject area
  • To further investigate what competitors, potential partnerships, etc. are doing
  • To be plugged into your market through networking

There is a lot of content out there and as a result, it’s difficult to always find what you’re looking for without being bombarded with irrelevant content. On one hand, this is an organizational technology issue, and a few new emerging tools appear promising. Traditional search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo don’t cut it.

The main questions my clients who are new to social media always ask are:

1. How will people find YOUR content?
2. How do you find precisely what you’re looking for?

The issues of time and organization arises here which can put anybody off. Now, let’s delve into what type of content is being created out there and for who. Depending on your profession and/or interests, you’ve already narrowed your content search and target area/s. I’m sure everyone at some point or another have noticed how content in a specific area appears very similar. I term this the content homogeneous effect. Essentially, content utilizes key buzz words, generic statements, and similar puns. Of course, this is natural as it is not the easiest task to consistently produce original content; however it can induce boredom to experts/intelligent individuals in the field/area. Just look at the proliferation of twitter #hashtags.

How do we overcome these issues when it comes to content creation and content curation in relation to keeping people interested?

  • Producing valuable, creative content in your field/industry/interest area. Lateral thinkers preferred!
  • Utilizing SEO: “SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, which is the ongoing process of improving the visibility and ranking of a website or web page in the organic search engine results presented in Google and the other major search engines.” (Cool article to check out on SEO).
  • Learning, identifying, and creating provocative, stimulating content in your subject area is key.

Share how you produce phenomenal content in your industry and keep your audience captivated!

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